Katherine Smith RN BASc MSc(N) LNC
Legal Nurse Consultant

LNC Benefits for a Lawyer

Bridging the Gap Between Health Care and the Law

I can help you understand the expectations regarding the standards of nursing care in the geriatric field.

My expert opinion is based of practice expectations, legislation and research in relation to the time of the incident under review.

Using the Health Care Record, I weigh all available evidence to determine if the standards of care for nursing have or have not been met.

I can assist you by:

  • identifying what documents are required for a file review
  • identifying questions for discovery
  • providing an oral opinion
  • providing a written opinion
  • testifying in court as an expert witness

I have been recognized by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice as an expert capable of giving opinion evidence on the area of eldercare in assisted living and care homes, including the applicable level of training, education, procedures and use of assistive devices for such facilities and those providing care and supervision within them.

With a thorough knowledge of the issues, a plan of action can be made based on the evidence.

I will be happy to speak with you regarding your concerns at any time. You can contact me by email or phone.

My credentials are available here.

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Legal Nurse Consultant